Group show at Gallery Ecosse with 5 artists

2 – 28 May 2015

McLean Edwards – Sarah Hendy – Laura Jones – Mirra Whale – Paul White

‘In the Still’ reinvigorates and recalibrates the tradition of the still life, or nature morte. The exhibition features a diverse spread of works by twelve contemporary artists: Craig Waddell, Fraser Anderson, Dean Home, Leah Fraser, Heidi Yardley, Laura Jones, Kirra Jamison, Miranda Skoczek, Susan Baird, Kendal Murray, Dean Home, Claudia Damichi, Lynda Draper, Shona Wilson and John Baird. Drawing on a tradition ripe with symbolic currency, each artist interprets the conventional mode of the still life in creative and complex ways. From the abstract to the figurative, the works collectively cultivate a dialogue between the aesthetic and the conceptual, revealing the elasticity of the concept of the still life. The artists convey how the notion of life ‘in the still’ can be anything from a living moment, a revenant mnemonic trace or a distant dream.

27 February–21 March 2015

Arthouse Gallery
66 McLachlan Avenue
Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011



‘Laura Jones- Still Life’, Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

10 April 2015 – 24 May 2015

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

300 George Street, Deerubbin Centre, Windsor NSW 2756

Jones_Laura_ Flowering Gum_ WEB



Laura Jones solo exhibition

22 November – 22 December 2014

Opens 22 November 4-6pm at Gallery Ecosse


Finalist in the 2014 Portia Geach Memorial Award for a painting of artist Mirra Whale.

For a list of finalists:

Mirra 2014, oil on linen

This painting of artist and friend Clara Adolphs is a semi finalist in the 2014 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.

View the semi- finalists on line here

To see Clara’s work and her exhibition opening 11th October 2014, go here

Clara 2014, oil on linen, 90 x 80 cm

These photos were taken for The Design Files for my last exhibition “Shadow and Soul” at TDF Collect in June 2014

All photos can be viewed on Rachel Kara’s website here

The full Design Files interview here




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Rachel Kara salon


Rachel Kara









Gallery Ecosse is exhibiting at Burrawang DnA Festival, October long weekend, 2014




Hope's Vase 2014





A belated post linking to a story written by my friend Lucy Kaldor on The Planthunter, resulting in the painting below.

Macrocarpa (To Not Forget) 2014, oil on linen, 115 x 135 cm

The hydrangeas in our garden bear flowers of an unmarketable hue. The base colour is grubby, faded apple­-green, like the upholstery on a collection­-day couch. On top is a rash of rosacea pink. These are the colours not of romance, but of neglect and root damage caused by a neighbouring conifer. Yet every summer the starved shrubs divert massive resources to their mop­heads. The flowers are layered like scales and the upper petals (they are actually sepals but let’s call them petals for now) shelter their understudies from the sun. And beneath each sunburnt, topmost petal is its own shadow, stencilled for perpetuity on the petal below, in a colour as pale and fresh and unblemished as a cabbage leaf. It’s magic.

I love these hydrangeas because they remind me of the enormous generosity represented in the act of blossoming. A flowering plant gives everything it has, even when it hasn’t enough. ‘This is my best’, says the plant in full bloom. And it is the generosity that is beautiful, as much as the material result.

This is what I see, and love, in Laura’s work: every painting is a blossom of her soul, and like my hydrangeas, every painting has her best. Her generosity shines brightly, even when the paint is dark and she is feeling dark inside, as she was, she told me, when some of these were painted. Bits of underpainting are visible in the final works, like cardigans half­-buttoned and hair untied. Vulnerable, sensuous, earnest and disarming, Laura’s paintings have everything to give and nothing to prove. They are not shown so much as entrusted, and they make me feel worthy.

Flowering is an act of biological compulsion performed with the grace and humility of love. This is what I imagine painting must be like for Laura Jones.

Lucy Kaldor
June 2014

‘Shadow and Soul’ by Laura Jones
Open 3 – 9 July 2014
TDF Collect
87 Albert Street
Brunswick, VIC

For all enquiries about this exhibition, contact

Banksias and autumn leaves 2014, oil on linen, 135 x 115 cm