A new show embracing fun, family, connection and the rich potential of the artistic community.
In 2015, Artbank partnered with Create NSW on a two-year project that aimed to both acquire new artworks for the collection and increase visibility for NSW artists who identify as living with a disability. Both those goals were met, and something else wonderful happened too. Over the course of the project supported by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Artbank encountered the rich creative relationships forming between the artists and their peers living with and without disabilities. Thus Good Neighbours was born, delivering an exhibition that celebrates the original project and the doors it opened, weaving a narrative through the artworks selected.

Good Neighbours’ at Artbank runs from June 29 to October 6, featuring work by Liam Benson, Harriet Body, Matthew Calandra, David Capra, Emily Crockford, Rosie Deacon, John A Douglas, Peter Dudding, Laura Jones, Stefan Kater, Daniel Kojta, Nadia Lolas, Anthony Mannix, Meagan Pelham, Thom Roberts, Thom and Angelmouse, Greg Sindel, Wart, Digby Webster and Paul Williams.

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